Jun 13, 2020

So... the Posts About My kitthehs...

... Since I last posted, every kitty I wrote about has gone.
Sickness has taken it toll, but also Sudden Death.

I had to tell my last Baby Girl- Babylon, whom I haven written about- good bye.
She was 17. And had gone Blind about two months ago, but was coping with her usual Spunk.
But she stopped eating... and just went down so fast. Got frail and seemed to age before my eyes...

I am such a coward. But knew she might welcome Release.

So now she if in the front yard with her sisters and brother and cousins.

And she is Gone.
And I miss her Precious lil' Face.
And her just Being here with me.
Cause now we have had only each other to hold on to.
And she is Gone

Mama Loves You Precious Bunny Girl

This house is Empty And I don't know what to do...


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possumlady said...

I’m so sorry. I stopped writing in my blog in 2010 and finally remembered how to post and it was basically the same post as yours. I had 9 cats in 2010 and all but one have left me since then. The oldest cat I had was Sweet Pea, who I took in off the streets in 2001. The vet said he was at least a year or two old at the time. In early 2017 he went blind in one eye and then totally blind by November. He kept plugging along until September 2018 when his body just gave up. That left me with Oliver until 2 weeks after Sweet Pea died another stray started hanging out on my front porch. She was ear tipped so already spayed. So affectionate, I took her in and named her Clementine who is sleeping next to me right now.

I hope in time you are able to welcome the pitter patter of furry feet back to your home...