Jun 13, 2020

So... the Posts About My kitthehs...

... Since I last posted, every kitty I wrote about has gone.
Sickness has taken it toll, but also Sudden Death.

I had to tell my last Baby Girl- Babylon, whom I haven written about- good bye.
She was 17. And had gone Blind about two months ago, but was coping with her usual Spunk.
But she stopped eating... and just went down so fast. Got frail and seemed to age before my eyes...

I am such a coward. But knew she might welcome Release.

So now she if in the front yard with her sisters and brother and cousins.

And she is Gone.
And I miss her Precious lil' Face.
And her just Being here with me.
Cause now we have had only each other to hold on to.
And she is Gone

Mama Loves You Precious Bunny Girl

This house is Empty And I don't know what to do...


Oct 31, 2014

~Happy Halloween~

Wishing you a Joyful and Exhilarating Halloween !!!
May All come to You that You Desire ...


Apr 3, 2014

...it must be Spring !?!

...Cause I planted a few flowers !!
Hurrah For Me...

Violets (or Violas- never quite sure which is which)

Such pretty little delicate faces... They certainly do have a colour punch tho !!

Dotty about these little 'Spotties'...

Makes me Happier just looking at them-

 This is the opposite side of the patio 'doorway'... Delightful smells !!

 Can't decide which flower I like better...

Is All of them a choice ?

::Sighs:: Such Happy Blooms !!

Got Chilly so came in and made this---

 Nice warm loaf of banana nut bread- with an dollop of melting butter...

Back out again- Pretty first Daffodil...

 Tiny purple flowers of Creeping Myrtle-

 Blooming sweetness and fragrance of an odd little plum tree volunteer...

Of course I had to be supervised...

Jethro is such a 'paws' on kinda girl !! Mmnnn dirt !!

Alice just likes to keep her eye on things... You never know when a Stellar Jay might need to be dealt with !!

Kuchi stayed indoors on the heated throw that is on my bed... Smart girl-
Babylon was on the edges of the yard doing her thing...

And after we all came back in- Cause it suddenly got flat out COLD-- and before too long, here was Alice...

A necessary nap after all that bracing fresh air !!