Dec 24, 2008

Happy Christmas To All...

It's that time again... All the presents are wrapped. And mostly delivered, I might add. Fudge has been enjoyed. Cookies eaten. Festive Holiday Cheer poured. Cards with ice skating Bears in high silk hats and vests mailed.

The KitthehCats are all fed and snuggled in cozy and warm (Some snoring slightly. Do cats have adenoids ?). Celtic music playing hauntingly on the cd player. Roast is thawing on the drainboard for tomorrows feast. It will have turnips and parsnips and potatoes and carrots and a nice Yorkshire pudding served with it. And gravy of course ! Pardon me while I salivate.

It began SNOWING here a few days ago and the total accumulation is around 15 inches. Most snow and midteen temperatures since 1968. I truly don't mind it but I do prefer Soggy and mid forties thankyou very much ! The Girls try venturing out ever so briefly. They go out onto the covered back patio. Stare around in disbelief.Then haul butt back into the house. And look at me like they were Silas Marners offspring. Weirdos. (They get that from me you know.)

So all in all I would say We are ready for Christmas here at Home. And I would would hope that the Holiday is Merry and Bright.