Apr 1, 2010

--- etu Spring ?

::: Looks like Spring is finally creeping in. Slowly but surely. Can be Lovely and sunny then drop down to just above freezing at night.

Today we had the oddest greenish light right after sunset. If I had still been living in the Southwest, I would have sworn there was going to come up a Tornado ! And prior to that there was a 20 minuite peppering of hail bouncing off the windows...

Have gotten two pots full of Primroses out on the porch. Almost afraid to do too much more until it gets a bit more on the warm side.

But I am noticing a bit of natural promise popping its head out.

And all around my little fake Wishing Well these are blooming.

These purple beauties have popped out of containers along my gravel path.

So, I know more flowers are coming. The Creeping Myrtle is just begining and the Russian Bluebells are all stalks and beginning to bud. Now if it would Warm just enough that I could put away my fur lined house slippers !
Happy Spring Fever !!!