May 17, 2009

:::Babylon...Babble On:::

This is Babylon... also known as Boop, Boopers... Loobydoop.. Boopalonyia BunnyGirl and COME HERE YOU MEEN LITTLE POOPER... (thats Kuchi on the left...Inna box!)

Her name came from the song- Babylon by David Gray- As a wee ball of floof her vocal capicity ranged up there with Maria Callas. First to howl(Babble On), explore, get into awkard dangly prediciments in the Clematis. Sassy and Brave and Kind and doesn't mind Momma giving Her Kissys and prefers to sleep under the covers ThankYouVeryMuch !!

She is one of my Darlins'.

One of four sisters given to me when they were 2-3 weeks old. Eyes barely open. Born June the 4th of 2003. Their mama was killed so I got to play wet nurse. Little dinky bottles n kitten formula n wiping for pps and poopies... and baths in the kitchen sink when things got too goobery.

She was the biggest and most vocal and independent. If She was ready to eat, then everybody else was woken up to dine as well... She is the only "Cow" kittheh as well. The other three all looked Tabby as little babies.

One Sister, Fiona, was drowned in the rain barrel by the corner of the house when she was about four months old. I hadn't been able to get them inside that night and they were into everything and well.... I guess shit happens sometimes... Broke my heart, and oh the guilt... Still haunts me....

But these other three are grown up and Rotten... All Spade and Spoiled and Rule this Roost... I keep Babby in the house and the other two girls, Alice and Kuchi are mostly in. Or right out on the back porch. They never go out of sight...

And They also have the option on clambering up their ladder up onto the Patio roof and come in upstairs thru a window (Who is a Hillbilly ?). A quick thudthudthud downstairs... And a jingle of bells hung there on the doorknob, and Momma lets them in. Yes, I know... Rotten..

Osgood also calls this home... Another Lost But Now I'm Found story.. "HeisaGoodBoy... GoodForWhatIDunno"... At least thats what I tell Him...
And I mustn't leave Fiddler out. He is an outdoor Boy and tormentor of us all..

So First introduction made of Our Cozy Furfamily.. And my Infamy chronicled as a Crazy Cat Lady begins...