Oct 31, 2012

~May Your Night be Long & Full of Magic...

Wishing You All (what ever Your Persuasion) a Very Nice- 

All Hallowseve

Or as my Grandma used to say 'The night When the Veil is Thin' ... and she would tell us stories- that her Mama had told her- of the Nights events she saw in Scotland before coming coming to the States...

"c.1745, Scottish shortening of Allhallow-even "Eve of All Saints, last night of October" (1556), the last night of the year in the old Celtic calendar, where it was Old Year's Night, a night for witches. Another pagan holiday given a cursory baptism and sent on its way. Hallowmas..."All-saints" is first
attested 1389."
Enjoy !!

Oct 9, 2012

~Done Decorating~

Now that the painting of the Patio is all done...
Let the Decorating begin !!

:actually it's all done... this past weekend:

 Love my old cauldron...
The ceramic pumpkins were a B-day gift from my sister-in-law Judy...
My hanging Wreath is made of Spring flowers with a Heavy coat of Black spray paint...

Yep- those are bricks under the pumpkins- holds down the cloth nicely !! 
And the Crow is a creation involving my printer, an Old Sawn Cedar Shingle annnnnnd- Mod Podge !!
Slap on a pouffy ribbon and its Done !!

Coming up onto the patio... Can you tell by all the leaves that are Fallen it is Fallen ?

My Big ol' Rocker I found used a month or so ago...
May I say 'Score !!' ?
(Ignore the white Bucket please)

Another Mod Podge Creation- use any Wooden Board you can get Your hands on
 -I am not too Proud to Beg so at the Lumber counter-...
This Sweet gal-Sascha- at Lowes cut my 1" x 10" x 8' board into Pieces for Me !?!
Print out your saying.
Spray paint your board a Nice Pea Greenish colour. Let dry.
Apply Mod Podge and Print. Let dry.
More Mod Podge of course...
Use liquid shoe polish to 'Age' the sign.
 Use spotty Ribbon for a Hanger.
And if you could see Closer...
Use 8mm Bone Carved Skull Beads along the top-
All you have to do is Drive Nails down thru the bead hole in the Skulls !!!
:Insert a Crazed Maniacs Evil Chortle here:

On the Railing... a little Three legged iron Cauldron...

Fake Acorns held down with a Slab of Rock-

Corn-King with His Kittheh on the railing.

Painted this 'Sascha-cut-Board' Black after drilling & gluing in Knobs.
Mod Podge Saying that I printed out.
Attach Beaded Dangley Spider from a slice of Twisted Wire...

Isn't  She a Pretty Spider ?

Wrapped Shirleys Rocker in some Yardage...

Can we all See that I Like Bright ??

Arrangement by the Patio Door... Shelf with Drawer was a Uckky Powder Blue.
Spray painted Ivory.
Then Worked over with Black Creme Shoe polish and a bit of the Brown Liquid Shoe Polish....
I was Going for that 'Chalk pain-Waxed' looking style.

Again... Made the Sign-
Painted the Birdhouse-
Made the Baby Besom...

A Bit Closer-

All you need to construct the Baby Besom is a length of Dowel, a nice Patch of Dry Grasses, a twist of Wire to attach the grass to your 'Broom handle', a bit of a Trim to the Grass ...
And a good Smearing of Black Creme Shoe-polish  on the Dowel !!!

Then I Wrapped a bit of Satin Ribbon arund to give it a Boost...
Easy Peasy !!

My Crow... I Love Him (or Her? ) !!

Now as you are Leaving the Porch...
Here is your Packed Full of Texture and Colour view of Fall  at My House !!

(Think I used Enough Silk Flowers ?)


Oct 1, 2012

Endings of September...

The patio floor/decking has been completly painted. And the posts and balusters...
Remember all that Green coloured paint- Sea Green, Pine Green. Forest Green, Guacamole Green- etc. that I had worked myself into a nice OCD Quivering froth about ?

After Finally deciding on 'Just The Perfect Shade' of green...

Shirley and I bought blue..

But not just Any old Blue....

A blue called:

BEHR Premium Plus
#S-G-570 Sapphire Lace Interior/Exterior Paint

Could I have gotten further Away from what I had in Mind ??

I do Love it tho. It is brighter and Cheerier and has a 'Pop" to It I truly enjoy.

And Rather Oddly- it Appears to change Shades depending on the Morning/Evening light .
Go Figure...

Painting makes me Happy- the 'After' results show So quick !!

The wall is "Bicycle Yellow"...

Shirley- Painter Extraordinaire' is Bicycley Yellow...

And Here Comes the  "Sapphire Lace'...

 Now she is Sapphirey Blue...

Alice likes it too !!

Her she is Obligingly  looking at the Camera. Showing how grubby the Brand New Paint has already gotten...

There have been quite a few Left-over projects to get finished so Sawdust and Dust and Grubblies are tracked ALL over !!

It does look so nice and Done-
Now to Get this puppy all Decked out in its Autumnal Glory...

Can you hear the Rumble of plastic storage bins filled to the Top with Scarecrows, Silk Leaves, and Faux Flowers being drug across the floor ?


Do you Know what you get when you use the front & back mesh covering off a broken stand fan, 3 leftover 1"x1" balusters, a 16" plant saucer, and some Sea Shells ??

I made my self a BirdBath..
Oh Yes I Did !!

Screw the wooden pieces to each other-
Screw the fan covers to the top of the Wood Pieces...
Drive pointy end of Wood pieces thingy into the Dirt behind the Blue pot of Ivy... (Remind me- next time soften dirt with water- 'kay ?)

Plant Tall pretty grass into Blue pot of Ivy...

Place Terracotta plant Saucer snugly down in 'bowl' of fan covers...
Add Abalone shell, Conch shell, Oyster shell, & Scallop shell-
Fill with water...

And be Amazed at how many Itty Bitty Birds, Blue Birds, Brown Birds, Gray Birds, Biggerish  Birds and Crickets come to take a thirsty drink... all of whom seem to Visit when I am sans camera of course !!

So... Until Next Time----

It has surely been a Lovely Summer into Fall Season in the Neighbourhood !!