Apr 23, 2011

~* Did You See That Bunny ? *~

...Tis getting that Springish feeling here Today...

Woot !?!

Sun is shining. Breeze is blowing. My teeth aren't chattering...

And Looks like the tide of Lovely Flowers is beginning to wash over...
Well They are Silk... so they washed in from Thrift stores and Yard Sales in various sizes of plastic sacks actually !! For I am from the 1960's school of- If it is pretty, colorful, makes me Happy, and just needs a swift dusting every now and then--- BooWhaaaa !!! It is All Good !!

So a few photos of my Patio getting Springified with Shirley aiding and abetting in creating our displays.
Please squint and imagine the chairs on the patio as they will be recovered in a cheery print--- in the next couple of days.

A bit of Whimsy and curly paper and Bunny tales on the Kitchen Queen.
And then my Babby-Boo-Babalyon.. Supervising from her perch on the dining room table..

And now we are off to get our eggs ready for Deviling... Then tomorrow- Lemon Pepper Chicken. Spinach Scalloped Potatoes. And if I keep my sanity... a teeny Pineapple upside down cake...
A pretty fork and eat that pineapple straight out of the can !!

Happy Easter Y'all !!