May 7, 2010

I Think It's Here...

...By Golly and 'Gosh... I think it's finally here !!! Spring !
63 big degrees today and toasty in the sun. (Although there have been frost warnings the past few nights.) Kuchi went out and was all -Hmm, I vaguely remember this. She could have used a little pair if Kittheh Shades tho. Oh, the squinting ! Flowers are just blooming lovely. My pot of Primroses is rather ragged looking. I do wonder if they were just unwell from the get-go.
Now the bluebells are just being so colorful- all blowing in the breeze and appearing in sweeps across the yard.(Since I still don't have a digital camera, pic.s are from the web. Sigh.)

All the wild sword ferns have unfurled and look so fresh and tender green. Although I have spotted a few blackberry volunteers trying to swarm in.

The Mock Cherry and Fruit Bearing Cherry have bloomed and are almost gone. Last year there were very few cherries to gather. Usually a Spare year is followed by an Abundant one. Nothing is as good as eating sun-warmed just picked Cherries. Well maybe seeing how far you can Spit the Pits !
Other News- There has been a ... ah... ahem... a removal of sorts... Fiddler had an Hoo-Hah-ectomy. Although I"m sure he would couch it in rather more Strident Tones. Still being such a Wild Boy, getting into fights, always getting over some bite or abrasion, when a Friend offered to take him to be Noo-tered, ZIP into a crate he went !
I couldn't find a a picture of Him( I got really Organized last week. Went thru all my pictures.Put them into separate/named folders. Now I can't find anything ...) So the forlorn Little Girl and Her Kittheh will have to do.
So that's about it From Here Today. Think I will go make some Potato Salad to go with leftover Fried Chicken. As usual- I'll get the the Salad, and the Girls and Osgood will have the Chicken !