Jan 17, 2012

The Sky, She is Flaking ...

Ah Winter... now that you are truly arrived with temperatures dropping down past the 'Brrrr' and into 'Chattering' stage.

For the last few days mother Nature has been throwing wet, icy, snowy, frosty, sodden, crunchy, slickery, and beautiful weather our way.

It Snows and accumulates.
Then warms up just beyond freezing- and it melts. Rains and drippity-drops for awhile. Then the Sky goes all Foreboding... And 'Heeeere comes the Snow again !!'

If, for any reason, I would have to venture out and about my attitude would most Certainly be:

But with diligence and forethought- I can stay in. The pantry is well stocked. My freezer is a joy to behold. Tins and tins of canned tuna goodness sits on the shelf for the Girls. This surely makes for Peace of Mind !!

It does make for some very grateful sleeping weather tho. Not much is better than being layered in cozy red plushy blankets and a Kittheh (Babylon) tucked under the covers and watching the snow flicker down and about thru the window.

Even better when you can be ensconced on the couch with a restoring mug of:

And be contemplating an image very similar to this:

Except there isn't a fireplace in my Living-room, and No Rocker... (Yes, I caught what you muttered under your breath- "Off her Rocker !!")

And of course- I'm not a Floofy Mama Kittheh...
(nor do I ever wear an apron...)

But I did buy myself a scrumptious box of assorted skeins of yarn in such a pleasing array of colours and new crochet needles and have been researching beginner/easy crochet Afghans-wrist warmers-shawl patterns etc. like crazy.

At present the cuff of a fingerless glove is in production on my knitting needles. I thought I would get myself rolling with something speedy and have a practical result quickly. However I can get myself motivated helps !!

Will try and get the camera out and get some snaps of yarns & Kitthehs hel-pping... Cause they try to be sooo useful in the yarn department !!

Stay Warm !!