Mar 3, 2013

This is Frankie...

... also called Frankenheimer, Frankie G, Here Kiddy Khat, Is him hungry?, and Him is a Pretty Boy.

He will answers to any and all of the Above...

He has been hanging around for the last month or so. I don't know if he was abandoned, wandered by, or what. He is Really Leery of anybody.
Feral ? Maybe.

He has Finally come onto the porch to eat when I am sitting 8 feet away. But one move by me...
And ZIP--->>>
He is Flat gone !!

I think him has trust Issues !!

He is sleeping on an old rocker cushion on the front porch right now. He seems to be enthralled with the Girls when he sees them thru the door.

They look at me as if to say "Ewww... he is an Icky Boy Mama !! And- Why is he Getting OUR foods Mama ?!?"

When I can get him friendly enough to be handled, it will be off to the Vet to get Snip-Snipped.
Then get to come home and work on being a little brother !! (Mayyy-be ?!?)

He is so handsome !!

Wish me luck !!