Feb 25, 2013

Shiny Things...

I finally convinced myself to purchase a nice Shiny little Convection/Toaster oven. My full size stove/oven broke ( actually tried to set itself on fire- blue sparks & smoke- very exciting I can tell you !!).

I have been reading how Speedy a Convection Oven cooks and will Save energy like crazy. I can say only this: Love It !!

My trial Bake was a nice simple pan of Biscuits...

A nice square of Biscuits with a swirl of butter-
I was Hooked !!
Have to Admit tho... I sat and watched it Bake the Entire time. Wasn't sure what I expected to happen, but after my previous Baking Experience- Well, a Girl can't help but be Overly Observant !!

There was a brief moment of absolute panic when the Timer Bell went off-  I learned another thing... My Cardiovascular system in Excellent Health !!

My next 'Experiment' was Pan Pizza... Cheesy with Sausage...

Oh Yes !! I even had a nice pot of Hot Cocoa in my New pot My dear Sister-in-Law bought me !!

And fresh baked cookies for Dessert !!

My little Fast-Baker also turns out a nice plate of roasted veggies (Brussel Sprouts, Parsnip, Yams) and Lovely slices of Ham !!
See all that Steam ? Yum...

Alice thinks anything that means she gets her own little Plate of Hammy Goodness is certainly Well Worth It at Twice the Price !!

Wait... I Smell Something Tasty- Gonna go see if Supper is done !!