Sep 27, 2011

Wasn't That a Party ?!?

Any body still 'Partying' out there ?
Hope everyone had a Delightful time.. 'Cause I know I DID !!

My First foray into a blog-party and what a Marvelous way of getting my Pointy Shoes wet...
And Many Blessings to Anna at Frosted Petunias for getting us all Gathered for a Enchanting time !!

Thank You Anna !!

As I mentioned in the last little bit of my PM post I was going to have a Give-away...
I had my cache' of loot all fixed and just awaiting a new Hearth to go to...
And, honestly... I expected perhaps six or eight comments.. At Most maybe - Maybe fifteen...

Well !!
There were forty-nine... Yes 49 comments that were posted before the Midnight deadline !?!

Dang near rattled my bones and knocked me clean off my Broom !!

And because I was so honored to have so many comments- I changed my mind and came to the conclusion to have three- 3- winners...
All will get Practically- very close- comparable gifts. No one will forgo a Goody... I will simply make more !!

This Party thing is harrrd- I say.

So, I printed the comments (taking out a couple of accidental double posts), cut them into strips,

folded them, tried to put them into a basket...

Oopsie !! Sorry Kuchi !!

Put them into my Ample orange bowl... shuffled them about and after rootling about three separate rootles-

Came up with these 3 winners...

In no particular order we have:

Kiki aka Victoria



I have contacted them and am awaiting their responses. (Who-where etc).

Every one of you that left a comment for me and my Girls... a simple Thank You will never express my Gratitude...

Blessings for All of You...

Sep 21, 2011

Broom Fell...

...Company is coming !!!

Oh My... Nothing like Flying around the house trying to get ready for Company...
Just getting my self organized is driving me batty !!

Okay... Lets gather out thoughts and think about what we need to have ready...
Me for starters !!
Get my best Oxfords out and shined bright with Stove Black...
And Stockings of course... Hmmm, the black and purple I think !

Oh- and my black velvet shawl with the looong dangley fringe. (I love the reverse side too. All red roses and Flamenco Dancer looking.)

Need to get All the Aunts Dusted in their frames.
Dear Aunt Bernadette...

She was such an Avant Garde' and Fascinating Lady. Traveled the World gathering Treasures & Knowledge. Silks and Satins. Glamorous and Colorful trinkets. Dapper & Delightful Companions.

And My Dears... She Smoked !! Such a Daring role model for a young girl to have !

Then there was Aunt Bitty...

The menfolk always called her a Saucy & Bewitching Belle. Actually she was Most Proficient in Binding Spells and Cloaking ones Countenance. She always did enjoy a nice Disguise !

And Aunt Rosemary and Rosamund. Always quite Dignified and Aristocratic...

Both Full of The Old Knowledge and long Forgotten Tales of Wizards and Conjurers. They were most excellent Practitioners in Divining ones future...

Then there is Aunt Carlotta. Well, what can one say about her...

She was a Magnificent Figure of a Woman. Her Skin was as smooth as Creme.
As Luminous as Alabaster... All over... As you can see.
Oh how she cherished Dancing Naked under the Moon at Solstice !!

So... Find the Book.
Ah, here it is !

Now where is that page..

No, thats not it. Although you could learn quite a bit if you were to study it...

No... but I must be Getting Closer...

Keep looking...

What ? That would have a Totally different Outcome... he he.. Might be worth it tho !

Yes !! There it is !!

Check the ingredients...

Looks like It is All here...

And Beware of the Hair of the Cat Tomorrow Morning... This brand of Tequila can make any Body want to Dance !!

Let me Gather My Girls...


They do so admire a good party and are so Curious...


Besides they have been Known to be Familiar with all sorts of Enchantment and Spell-casting...


Trust me... They always know how to get exactly what They Want !!

So... Let me Grab my Hat and Let The Party Begin !!

Oh... and There will a bit of a Goody-bag afterwards... Just leave a comment by Midnight Sunday the 25th and a way to get in touch and one name will be drawn... and that Lucky Guest will Soon have a Memento of the Evening Winging their way !!!


Sep 20, 2011

I ♥ Margo Martindale...

Not really being a rapt fan of award shows I just happened to surf by the Emmys that were on Sunday night.

Imagine my surprise when I saw one of my ALL time favorite Actresses on stage.
At the Microphone.
Holding an Award !!
May I have the great Pleasure of presenting...

Margo Martindale !!!

She is the Winner of...

Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role.

Margo Martindale, as Mags Bennett
FX Networks
Sony Pictures Television and FX Productions.

Now, I haven't heard of this T.V. Production, but I do know she had an appearance on a show I still mourn going off the air- 'Medium' with Patricia Arquette.

Margo costarred with Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing, Diane Wiest,

Nicole Kidman & Sandra Bullock

Dianne Wiest & Stockard Channing

Chloe Webb

and the Always Brilliant Chloe Webb in The Best Movie Evah...


To be in this truly Stellar cast of Absolutely Astounding Actresses, and more than keeping her character defined and believable, shows her instinctive acting skill.

My fervent Congratulations to this Extra-Ordinary Actress !!!

Having mentioned the Best Movie Evah...

I have signed on for my Very First 'Blog Party' hosted Anna of Frosted Petunias. This is her second year of Hosting the Celebration !!

And apparently by Simple Twist of Fate, (Ha) this first Party for me is Gathered around PRACTICAL MAGIC !!

My ablutions have begun in earnest.

Scrubbing out my Marghritas goblets. Fluffing my Besom.

Adding Stardust and Sparkle to Cauldrons both big and small. Trimming the Wicks of Candles imbued with Enchantment.

Re-Glazing my Gazing Ball. Working Diligently on getting my Personal Brand of Magic Focused.

Just My Everyday HouseCraft !!

Wish me Luck My Dear Blogmates...

And do Remember... Feel Free to Visit my blog after the midnight hour and then into the morning of Saturday, September 24th to see my post.

And please visit all the Others participating (or sign on yourself if so inclined !) at either of the 2 highlighted links above.

If all my Erstwhile plans come together, I am going to concoct a humble offering (giveaway) in recognition of the Party !!


Sep 17, 2011

My Gift for Me-> B-day !!

LIII years ago (Roman Numerals- Ha ! You figure it out !) I was welcomed into this world...
Such a bouncing baby bundle of Wah Wah Whaaa-ing joy.

Every One say Awwww...
(And no Napoleon jokes either)

So pretty much having everything a girl (yes Girl !) could ever want or even need- well, except lots of moo-lah. But if I never spent any $$, then I would have $$'s, but then I wouldn't Have EveryThing I Wanted. Or Needed. A Conundrum, I know... I think I might have just baffled myself.
How are Ya'll doing ?
AnyHoo--- While perusing diligently about Etsy, a most blue of blue lil' Birdy caught my fancy. A simple watercolour and pen & ink Drawing. Of a Titmouse... A Tufted Titmouse I believe. Although I can see no tufts, I am assuming, and
taking the artists word for it, the Blue Birdy has a Tuft on some area of his most delightful lil Feathered self.
Popped him quickly into my virtual cart and he was soon Winging (metaphorically speaking of course) his way to me. So, how to capture his full breadth of Adorable Curiousness.

inquisitive Birdy state of Mind.
One of these perhaps ?

Blue you think ? Or the Pink ?

Oh... Definitely NOT the Pink... Or Blue !!

erhaps that burgundy ? no... that detracts from his bright and carefree Demeanor.

Decision Decisions...

So this is where, after several errors in Judgement, I think we may have hit it right on the Button...

Cute as a 'Button' of course !!

Personally, he is one of the Bestest Presents Ever !!

I truly ♥ hims little Cheerful Self.

( Although Kuchi thinks it would be better if
there was a kat-nip birdie toy for Her !!)

Happy Happy B-day to Me !!