Sep 20, 2011

I ♥ Margo Martindale...

Not really being a rapt fan of award shows I just happened to surf by the Emmys that were on Sunday night.

Imagine my surprise when I saw one of my ALL time favorite Actresses on stage.
At the Microphone.
Holding an Award !!
May I have the great Pleasure of presenting...

Margo Martindale !!!

She is the Winner of...

Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role.

Margo Martindale, as Mags Bennett
FX Networks
Sony Pictures Television and FX Productions.

Now, I haven't heard of this T.V. Production, but I do know she had an appearance on a show I still mourn going off the air- 'Medium' with Patricia Arquette.

Margo costarred with Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing, Diane Wiest,

Nicole Kidman & Sandra Bullock

Dianne Wiest & Stockard Channing

Chloe Webb

and the Always Brilliant Chloe Webb in The Best Movie Evah...


To be in this truly Stellar cast of Absolutely Astounding Actresses, and more than keeping her character defined and believable, shows her instinctive acting skill.

My fervent Congratulations to this Extra-Ordinary Actress !!!

Having mentioned the Best Movie Evah...

I have signed on for my Very First 'Blog Party' hosted Anna of Frosted Petunias. This is her second year of Hosting the Celebration !!

And apparently by Simple Twist of Fate, (Ha) this first Party for me is Gathered around PRACTICAL MAGIC !!

My ablutions have begun in earnest.

Scrubbing out my Marghritas goblets. Fluffing my Besom.

Adding Stardust and Sparkle to Cauldrons both big and small. Trimming the Wicks of Candles imbued with Enchantment.

Re-Glazing my Gazing Ball. Working Diligently on getting my Personal Brand of Magic Focused.

Just My Everyday HouseCraft !!

Wish me Luck My Dear Blogmates...

And do Remember... Feel Free to Visit my blog after the midnight hour and then into the morning of Saturday, September 24th to see my post.

And please visit all the Others participating (or sign on yourself if so inclined !) at either of the 2 highlighted links above.

If all my Erstwhile plans come together, I am going to concoct a humble offering (giveaway) in recognition of the Party !!


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Birgit said...

Hi there,

Thanks to Anna’s great Practical Magic blog party website I know that you are taking part in the event. I have pondered how to participate and thought it would be neat to post anonymously people’s thoughts and/or secrets regarding the movie. Sites which inspired me are:

Post Secret
Walt Disney Confessions

Those thoughts or secrets could e.g. be “I have already watched the movie 1,000 times,” “I wish I had a sister like Gilly,” “The aunts’ house is my dream house,” “I have dreamt about Jimmy” etc. Anything which comes to your mind when you think of “Practical Magic.”

If you feel like helping me out, be sure to send me your thought/secret as soon as possible at Of course, I handle each “confession” anonymously. And – please nothing x-rated!

Greetings from Germany,