Sep 13, 2011

Filching & Spray Painting...

You know that unquenchable urge you have when something catches your Greedy Beady Eye ?
And You wantitSoBAD ?
Well, when I spied a sweet little creation on Note Songs ... That the Lovely Sheila made...

My brain began to twirl and into my grey matter popped a "I can do That" idea !! Putting my plan of 'Filching' (such a nicer word that stealing or swiping or uhmmm...) her idea, I sallied forth !!

So, rootling around in my- ahem- collection of S.P.T. (simply priceless treasures), I found this little item found at G-W eons ago...

YellOwww I Know !!

Now at one point I found it charming and chippy and kept my craft brushes in it. But now it was forlorn and just peeling in its pathetic-ness (a new word !!).

So, as Sheila relates- I grabbed my can of Almondy/Cream coloured spray paint and Shaaa-Boom !!

Now to let it dry and move forward with a gleaming eye and my trusty Bottle of:

Years I tell You... Years, since I have used Mod-Podge. But of that back-to-school-gluey smell, well my nostrils had a field day of inhalation !!

Then delving into the mass of "One Day I Am Going To Make Something With This" folder of lone pages of Fairy-tales, Sweet illustrations of Cottages, and the odd and ends of ephemera that seem to find its way into my life.
Clipping n trimming...Then once satisfied, on to the brush work !

After a couple of hours of extreme gluey sticking-it-to-myself instead of where it is Actually Supposed to Be... My end result:

Thumbelina asleep with a Rose Petal Blanket.

Little Brown Birdys Tweeting & a' Talking.

And here are my colouring pencils in it right now. But they are too Bright and Sharp for such a Guileless Dainty Carryall.

Soon, I am sure, I will find other treasures that are in Need of a bit of Delicate Conveyance !!

Thank You Shelia for the Inspiration !!

And Last, for a True Vision of Kittheh Precisiousness---

Babylon !!


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Sherri B. said...

Oooo, Babylon seems to approve, perhaps the colored pencils should stay! xo