Jun 12, 2010

~HA !!!

...Lookee what I did !!!
he he...
Babby 13 feet away with her headlights on !

Alice close-up !!!
Kuchi !!!Well almost did ... by myself... practically..
Okay- had to call the Nephew, only took 5 pictures and then the battery died... but hey- not bad for the first digital pho-tog-raph-yyy...
Back of Kuchi's head !!Bwhahaha !!!
ALICE onna Blue Chair !


Jun 10, 2010

---All Righty Then---

... All righty then... Apparently I am pushing forward in time. And now that I've landed here in Future world...I must take a step Back...
Yes- that sound confoundedly confusing to me too.
But that's where this Pudgey Bunny is at...
A lovely new-to-me printer and scanner arrived on my dusty doorstep. All hi-end and Dandy. So far I've managed to print 5 pages of the same page... Not really meaning too you understand. And the scanner is Humming. It is Supposed to hum- right ? But not one to ignore a challenge and get OverWhelmed... Wait, I manage to ignore stuff all the time... ummm... moving on...Then got terribly brave and with thought and consternation and cast iron butterflies careening around my toodles ( that's what I call the girls tummys. Sounds better than stomach. Or abdomen. Or gut. Or big ol' wobbly jelly belly like I have) we sallied forth and purchased a digital camera.
I KNOW !!!
Amazing innit ?Then never willing to leave well enough alone, I convinced My Sweet Neighbor to be on the lookout for a smaller dining room table for me. No sooner said than done. Poof ! Like magic ! So that meant my best friend since junior high Gobnart* (needless to say their names have been wildly disguised) and her Son
came over to help with the move. My personal creed is to tend to fly off the handle, break everything and have periods of sobbing hysterically and wishing that I still smoked when trying to move large crusty objects around.
So her calmer head prevailed in the shifting about.
I have been needing a better dining table and that became vividly apparent when Son tipped the table onto its side. He was going to un-bolt the legs.
But... feel free to chortle... the table is tipped ...
And one leg remains solidly and firmly standing.
All by itself with not any other support.
Yes I heard you...
Get a clear mental image now...
Finished ?
So all said and done- old table out new one in. Smaller. More modern. But the legs are firmly attached. To THE table.
The girls are having the best time ... slapping wildly at each other and basically going bat-shit for the last 3 days. Gobnart and Son also moved my old computer cupboard and we made room for the printer and scanner above my computer table. Which made the girls even more places to LEAP around and up on. So far the scanner is what they argue over the most- All warm and flat.
The next day after this moving of our universe... guess what ? The microwave I've used for 15 years went snap-crackle-pop ( yes, like the cereal) and died a tragic death. So off to the local Superstore and in comes a new behemoth. All shiny stainless steel on the out side. And on the door what looks to be a chrome handle off of a 1940's refrigerator. And inside ? On the upper surface ? Well I am a bit frightened. It has a GRILL !?!?
Yep - it looks just like a stove element to me.Well, smaller of course. Can they do that ? Isn't that against the laws of Nature or something ?
So for this wobbly Pudgey Bunny-Who in her best moments is a bit intimidated by new things ( I had to watch my crock pot sit in it's box for 3 months before I could unpack it) Things have overwhelmed me a bit...
Instruction booklets to read.
Buttons to learn to be pushed.
Macro ? Saywhat ?
Do I NEED to Focus ?
Warranties to fill out.
Thingys to add to the computer.
That have to be installed to make other Thingys function.
Tranquilizers to pop.
Adjustments to a smaller table Reminders. (Remember when setting something down- make sure there is table under there. Somewhere.)
Girls to get into adjustment as they jockey for Best New Napping Spot. So many Choices ! And new Boxes to explore !
And Mama's Last Nerve to frazzle !
And as for Osgood ?
Well, he wanders out here every so often. Looks about. Taking in all the new fangled improvements. Licks parts of his anatomy. Asks if its Suppertime Yet ? And moseys back to have a nice restoring snooze on my bed.
Ahh- What a Life... WonderFull, If we don't Falter !!
Come to think- A Nap doesn't sound too bad !
Look out Osgood !