Jun 21, 2011

~ The Longest Day ~

Summer Solstice...

Evocative words that have you envision greeting the Rising Sun, maybe doing a 'Happy Dance", rootling around for ice cube trays and deck chairs.

For me the breath of Bona Fide Summer is the anticipation of Sweet Tea, warm watermelon with salt, not sloshing about if you are trying to bar-b-que outside.

And rocking on the porch in the evenings... (not my Porch... wish it was !)

Watching the slow sway of the ferns...

Picking fresh blackberries...

And Blueberries that you can eat by the handfuls & usually don't last until you get home...

Welcome Solstice...

Welcome Summer... Nice to see your Sweet Face again !


Jun 19, 2011

♥ Daddys Day ♥

Daddy and me
(not his real teeth- honest-
Daddy was a full of the Devil ! )

Daddy with his D-8 Cat

in Winder Georgia about 1937

about 1994

At a Birmingham car show
with his 1934 Rolls Royce

late 1940's

age: 12
1924 Kentucky

Daddy on the right
with his older brother Bill
Kansas mid 1960's

Mid 1940's

My Daddy holding me 1959


Jun 4, 2011

~Time Travel~

Appears that Summer-time has shown her pretty face...

On Wednesday and into Thursday--- Cold Hard Rain. Dark. Grey. Thunder Boomers. The unbearable need to crawl back between flannel sheets and whine softly.

But yesterday ? A 180 degree turn !! 72 degrees. And SUN... You could feel the mildew retreat. Today it must be pushing 8o. I fumbled in the bright light to recall where the fans were stored last September. Dug out the
summer smocked dress that had been relegated to the recesses of the closet.

And today... I traveled back in Time...
Don't look much like an H. G. Wells character do I ? But today I made something that took me back to my
Southern childhood. A true Food of Dixie that I hadn't thought of for years. Something my Mama made for a nice Summertime sandwich at dinner-time.
Pimento Cheese Sandwiches...

I did modify just a smidge.

No celery salt- Garlic Salt instead. And generic Mayonnaise (sorry Mama). Lots of Black Pepper. And I did substitute Neufentchal for creme cheese- I like the sharp bite better.
Served on bread of choice. On Blue Willow. Mama would be proud !!

I did stray severely from tradition tho.. instead of a glass of Sweet Tea...
I had lemonade instead !!

And now for......

The Kittheh Picture !!

Kuchi inna basket onna microwave... This way she figures---she is not too far from any kind of The Foodz...