Feb 12, 2011

Our Holidays...

Holidays this year were better than most.
I think the new drugs are doing their 'All is better thru Chemistry' thing !

We had presents to tear into...All sort of mysterious smells from lands far far away -well- Alabama if you must know !

Certain spoiled kitthehs claimed every-bit for herself.. Of course... Nothing like a whiff of avarice and greed around Christmas is there ?Kuchi had a most marvelous time...
Poor little Alice just sat forlornly by- watching avidly. Staring at me ever so often with her round innocent eyes... 'But Mama, is there nothing for ME ?'.She eventually got her turn to masticate the fluffy pink fevver-uh-feathers... And kill red mice.. And after all what is the greatest nirvana in a kitthehs life ?
Sitting in a box of course !Then Babylon had a whirl. She is a bit more hard to please. A bit more jaded in her appetite for chills and thrills from a mere mass of feathers and string and pink plastic wands.I give the girls catnip every now and then. And there are times I have the Temptations that smell of the cat-mint. These are Babbys favorite flavor of 'cookies' The pink boa smelt of this as the toy mice were stuffed with nip.Might I just comment that Babby had' a high old time' ?
Well I do turn a phrase don't I ?

There was ham and sprouts and mashed sweet potatoes and sparkly lights galore. With fried ham and eggs the next morning of course.
A very nice few days- with presents flying back and forth across the road with HH and her hubby 37.
I gave her a cozy flannel nightgown and a paisley pashmina in a nice steel gray blue and scarlet and gold..
37 got a jar of cashews, chocolate, a nice new cappuccino cup. And a pair of dove decoys.
Yes dove decoys. 37 doesn't go hunting, but he gets great joy out of feeding and watching the birds.
And has had doves, pigeons, and all sorts flocking to his feed stations.

So HH purchased a Dovecote' for him. It is a 36" tall thing. Across about 18"-20". And still has to be attached to a 12' tall post.
It has a darling copper shingled roof. It does look a bit bright, but will age very nicely soon.

So my thought was- just follow her lead. I knew he would open her gifts first so there was no worry of spoiling the surprise.
From the pic's she brought over- he was quite surprised and inspired !

So all in all, a very Happy Holiday for all of us ...
Hope yours was just as Joyous !