Oct 28, 2011

Mmmm.... Diluted Glue !!

Thats right...
My Mod-Podge was un capped and with a nice brush, leftover Birthday wrapping Paper, various sorts of Tissue paper, glitter (that manages to get EVER-WHERE. Honestly... there are just these glittery trails all over the floor. Which I refuse to clean up. Because I think it looks like Faery Dust ThankYouVeryMuch !!) Q tips, and assorted cuss words- and a few bought on sale last Christmas Foam pumpkins and I got Alll Gluey ---Uh--- I mean creatively crafty.
Behold my Brilliant results !!

Some are eh... Not So Brilliant...
In example:

This Poor poor Lil' thingy looks like it was attacked by an irate 4 year old... Who has a Major in Finger painting. And eats paste.

Not quite the Look I was going for...

Lookit Alll that glittery glitter !!

Then we move on rapidly to my red & green Tissue paper Extravaganza...
Looks more Christmasy eh ?

And for some odd reason I am craving a nice Grilled Cheese Sandwich...
Or Onion Rings... Hmmm...

tomato-esque perhaps ?

The 'Oh white Tissue paper embedded with sparklies should look like glittery cobwebs...'
Right ?

Black pepper onna Punkin Any-one ?

This one is rather cute I think. B-day wrapping paper... It even has some wrinkle-ridge detail too. I do love me polka-dots !!

And saving the bester-ish for last... More B-day wrapping paper... It has a certain Primitive Cath Kidston Charm dont'cha think ?

So Very Talented...

:Okay !~ You can stop with the Laughing-Out-Loud !!:


Oct 21, 2011

Cozy & Good

Fall has Settled in Forthwith !!

Just a Cozy note with Quick Pic's of...

Babylon inspecting a nice Bowl of Mandarin Oranges and a couple of limes... Her new Bouncy Citrusy toys.
Trust me... they weren't long stacked so neaterly !!

A fast evaporating plate of Shirleys home-made Lemon bars... Especially Tart to make you Pucker and get the "Jaw Shivers"- Just the way I Like.

Soft new Dish towels... Can't I just rub my face on them ? Snuggly !!

And if you look at that brown rump- that is Ms. Doe, who had triplets this year, who makes her home in my overgrown yard- and the teeny tiny valley/wilderness behind my house.
I talk to them and call "Hello Dear Deer" and she just stares at me while I wave to her and the babies.

Oh... have gotten word that my Practical Magic prettys have made their way across the county (and across our Northern border !!).
That was so much fun !!
Both the Party and Ever-Afters !!


Oct 6, 2011

Gieaways are out going--->

Slacker me got the 3 giveaway prezzies in the mail... So watch for the Postman Kiki, Bird, and monkeycstars !!

When the girls 'help' me, it seems to take longer... Wonder why ? Hmmm ?
But I had such fun getting the trinkets ready... I do enjoy 'fiddley' craft it out-of-thin-air jobs like those.

And Moving Briskly into October---
Looks like I am starting to get that "Lets cram as much Orange, Leafy, Glitterish" Autumn stuf feeling...

Sigh... I am simply wild about this time of the year. All fleece tunics, crocheted Afghans, hot cups of Pear tea, and getting the flannel sheets on the bed.

My friend Gobnart found a small Sweet Afghan for me at Goodwilll the other day.

Alice has claimed it for herself and prefers to snuggle under the fold- she looks like she has lumped herself at the bottom of a sleeping bag...

(Mama !! I'ze NOT a Lump !!)

Odd kittheh that she is !!

All the seasonal fruit and veggies I crave are beginning to truly find their way to market. Bosc pears, Krimsom-Kist pears, and new crop apples.

Thinking of maybe a cheese-pear Rustic tart ? With Turbinado sugar ?

And then the Squash... Oh My !!

Acorn, Hubbard, Turban, Butternut, Blue Hokkaido,

and my Favourite at the moment... Spaghetti squash.

Hacked this one in half the other night. Into the microwave for 10-12 minutes. Scrape all that stringy goodness into a bowl. Add a knob of butter, garlic salt, fresh ground pepper, several good shakes of Parmesan (yes, the keep-in-the-fridge stuff) and mix fluffily with a fork... Then top with a chopped tomato...
Heaven I say...

For desert I simply sliced a White Nectarine in half. If you haven't tried one...

Please do. They have the most light sweet nectarine/peach flavour. But it is their sweet scent that can make me inhale so deeply... They smell of late Summer evenings, an amiable breeze carrying the essence of unknown flowers, and you just know there will be a succulent pop of flavour when you bite into it.
Tasty I Say- Tasty !!

Did I take time to photo-op my supper ?
Does anyone else ever kinda forget that you have a Digi camera ?
Sigh... I do...

Well, Must get a move on here. A load of Laundry with my name on it.
Several pillow covers to cut out and hand sew to fit foam mattress square beddys for the Girls...

All that jolly Lady of the Mansion type occupations that if I had staff, they could handle it.

Just call me Staff from now on !!