Oct 28, 2011

Mmmm.... Diluted Glue !!

Thats right...
My Mod-Podge was un capped and with a nice brush, leftover Birthday wrapping Paper, various sorts of Tissue paper, glitter (that manages to get EVER-WHERE. Honestly... there are just these glittery trails all over the floor. Which I refuse to clean up. Because I think it looks like Faery Dust ThankYouVeryMuch !!) Q tips, and assorted cuss words- and a few bought on sale last Christmas Foam pumpkins and I got Alll Gluey ---Uh--- I mean creatively crafty.
Behold my Brilliant results !!

Some are eh... Not So Brilliant...
In example:

This Poor poor Lil' thingy looks like it was attacked by an irate 4 year old... Who has a Major in Finger painting. And eats paste.

Not quite the Look I was going for...

Lookit Alll that glittery glitter !!

Then we move on rapidly to my red & green Tissue paper Extravaganza...
Looks more Christmasy eh ?

And for some odd reason I am craving a nice Grilled Cheese Sandwich...
Or Onion Rings... Hmmm...

tomato-esque perhaps ?

The 'Oh white Tissue paper embedded with sparklies should look like glittery cobwebs...'
Right ?

Black pepper onna Punkin Any-one ?

This one is rather cute I think. B-day wrapping paper... It even has some wrinkle-ridge detail too. I do love me polka-dots !!

And saving the bester-ish for last... More B-day wrapping paper... It has a certain Primitive Cath Kidston Charm dont'cha think ?

So Very Talented...

:Okay !~ You can stop with the Laughing-Out-Loud !!:



Queenie Believe said...

I think they are all fun. Hey, now one else on the block can have such a one-of-a-kind collection of pumpkin treasure. My goodness, last one is ready for the cover of Towne and County.
Have a great day.

debi huntsman said...

Wonderful pumpkins! I tried my hand at decoupaging pumpkins this year too. It's pretty fun!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Victoria said...

I like them all, but that last one in the birthday wrapping paper is fabulous!

Thanks for visiting my Halloween Tea Party post.



Magic Gypsy said...

Thank you for stopping by my Halloween tea party! Maybe you've started a new fashion for Halloween - I like the pretty flowers and I don't clean up glitter, either.

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