Aug 6, 2010

Augustus... Is Here ?

... Zipping right along aren't we... Already better than half way thru the year... Haven't been up to too much... same old-same old. I have been trying to get all of my Mamas genealogy drug out and categorized. Booger for punishment I am...

My Fiddy boy has gone I think. It has been about 2 1/2 weeks since he has been around. He seemed just as healthy as ever. Better actually. He has calmed down so much since he had his hoo-hahs removed. I like to think that the neighbor around the hill has moved him inside. I had heard that she called him "Tuxie" when he visited up there. I'm keeping a good thought anyway.

My neighbor across the road made a trip over east of the mountains-Yakima- about two weeks ago. On her way back she stopped and bought blueberries for just about everyone she knows.
I was the grateful recipient of a box of about five pounds. The girls loved the box of course. And I loved the blueberries ! Didn't do anything creative with them. Does rinsing with water count ? No muffins. No tarts. No cobbler or even a pie. Just having a nice rounded bowl full as a snack.
By the time the were gone I quite felt like Violet Beauregard. Only not as arrogant or blue ! Does lead one to wanting more tho. Store bought just isn't the same as field and bush ripened of course.

Kuchi is sitting on the microwave watching me. She seems determined to come over and help. Perhaps she has her own two-cents to add. She thought she almost had a blue jay the other day.

I put a screen in the door so they can see out. Get a breath of fresh air. But when she was sitting there the other day she sees a tasty morsel thru the mesh, she starts chittering... She rammed against the screen-bumped her head rather smartly and the Blue birdie flew away. Of course she then turns to me to seek solace, but I am snorting and holding in a mad chuckle. She is fine, just a bit wiser now !

Not that she would have snacked on the bird. Kuchi is not a girl who would eat bird sushi.

Have to go ... Guess who think she needs petting RIGHT NOW ? You guessed it !! All 17 delicate pounds of her... hurmphhh
xoxo ~Does this table make My Bellah look big ?~