Oct 31, 2012

~May Your Night be Long & Full of Magic...

Wishing You All (what ever Your Persuasion) a Very Nice- 

All Hallowseve

Or as my Grandma used to say 'The night When the Veil is Thin' ... and she would tell us stories- that her Mama had told her- of the Nights events she saw in Scotland before coming coming to the States...

"c.1745, Scottish shortening of Allhallow-even "Eve of All Saints, last night of October" (1556), the last night of the year in the old Celtic calendar, where it was Old Year's Night, a night for witches. Another pagan holiday given a cursory baptism and sent on its way. Hallowmas..."All-saints" is first
attested 1389."
Enjoy !!


Kath said...

Samhain blessings!

Jasper Jazzbones said...

Meow thanks! My moms takes this day off. She tells people it's to keep the black kittehs in the house and all that.
But really, why else would every orange and white or black cat end up at our house?
They know they're alll safe with my momz.

Victoria said...

Happy Halloween!


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I asked this morning during my meditation time to be led to special places and I have found several , including Yours..

following so I dont miss a post:)

Gattina said...

Thanks for your comment on my Cats on Tuesday. I wonder if I am on the right blog here ?