Sep 12, 2008

Hold On Fellas, It's Gonna Be A Bumpy Night !

Do you ever ask your self how you get yourself into certain predicaments ?
I do. Sometimes it is me lurching in with both feet... eyes wide open in the glare...yelling Yee-Haw !!!
Other times it is with the wringing of hands and dark introspection and mind numbing organization of facts and thoughts and what ifs...
Then like tonight, I asked my self "Why Not ?"...
I love to read those blogs by people who write about their day to day. Their crafts. Their creative way with crock pots. Just all the participation I see going on around me... So, here I am... Participating in my own odd quirky way.
And I have cats.
That should tell you a bunch about me right there...
So wish me luck !!!

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