Apr 30, 2009

..Silly Things We Do...

Cinco de Mayo' is fast approaching and it still feels like it could snow !

I am huddled here with a fleece throw around my knees and another across my shoulders.... and Its almost May---

Biggo Whoop... too cold to go get flowers to plant, too wet to toddle out to hack up the blackberry vine attempting to commander the wheelie bin. (No, I don't know what for. Something nefarious, I suppose.)

I've got ham and green beans burbbling away in the slow cooker, and it is beginning to smell tasty. I added a few halved potatoes and a couple ears of corn awhile ago. When it all gets done- Dinner Is Served !

Well actually dinner for tomorrow. My method of madness is : never do in daylight what can be done at some ungodly hour of the night.

Story of my Life...

Better to shop at the local 24 hour MeggaMart when all you will see are other Vampires. Creatures of the night. I am not a 9-5 person.

9pm to 5am ...Oh Yes ! I can do that just dandy... A Bit difficult to get ordinary business conducted, but hey, I enjoy being of a different stripe. Being a odd duck... Kwakk Kwakk...

Never would I want to be called ordinary. It takes Time, Effort, and Forethought to create who I am. I've had various and sundry do their best to hone me down, polish off my crunchy spots. Have come really close too. There was a time when I tried to get enthralled with sweater twin sets and dainty little pearl studs. Just be unnoticed and beige.

Worst 15 minutes of my Life-

But now I seem to be what was meant to be.. just an Aging Wyld Chylde. An old Fat Goth Chick (hen maybe?)... wearing lipstick so red as to be the sirens call. Black Lace whenever not approiate. Beads and Bangles ... Sparkly earrings, honest talk, too many cats (but now honestly... can you have too many ? They entertain, provide company, help you type, and understand you to the Nth degree) And other things unseemly...

Ah Well... Makes me feel good...


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Back Through Time said...

i hope it is warmer there now!!!
Have a great week,