Dec 10, 2011

Ho Ho...Ack !!

Rather than subjecting my precious fingers, skin, frayed nerves, and peace of mind...
I will not try to put Christmas outfits, hats, reindeer horns, elf hats, plaid ruffled collars, stockings, twinkling light garlands, or candy canes used as earrings, on the Girls this year.
Instead, I am choosing to 'virtually torment/decorate/adorn them.
Uh Huh...

Kuchi voicing her approval (?)... I hope-

Alice being ever so festive !!

Babylon in her fine attire...

Now... wasn't that much safer ?



Kath said...

Oh they are so beautiful.

Victoria said...

AWw...adorable and absolutely gorgeous..sooo sweet! Thanks for adding magic to my day!
Wishing you many sparkles

The Lee County Clowder said...

A much safer approach for all concerned, we agree. Purrrrsss and headbutttss to you all.