Jul 31, 2012

Did'ya Ever Start Something ...

Did you ever start something- remodeling-repairing wise and then after getting Really Deep into the project this niggling feeling of impending calamity &  "Holy Cow"  this is never going to be Over with...

My poor old Backporch/Patio had need repair work for ages...
Time, weather, Rain, mean Little bugs that Chew on wood, and - Ahem- neglect has taken its toll.
Now here comes the EEEeeep !!! part...

Ready ?!?

Everything is having to be removed (except the concrete blocks it was sitting on) and replaced.

Decking, side pieces, rails, and other constructiony type Nouns that I Really don't want explained to me.
I need to sit down for a moment. Several Moments.
Maybe a couple of days actually... With a Nice Tall Icy Beverage...

The further Carpenter Dude went, the Worser it got.

His and my Relationship looks to be an Extended one.

And there is much more to be done.


Sigh... Surveying the Carnage...
And Sawdust-

 For two days I couldn't go out my back door as ground-dirt level was several feet Down !!

The Girls Loved it tho... All this new Smelly Disturbed stuff for them to explore...

And Roll About in complete Bliss...

Carpenter Dude propped up a piece of board to make them a little Ramp to come and go on.

I had difficulty getting them in the house.
Slowly smell and explore the Ramp.

Kuchi with the Ears of "Mama?  Have I ever Smelled this before ? What is this Mama ?  Is it going to do something Mama? I'm not sure if I Approve of all this Conflaperation Mama !!" (her new word-not mine !!)

Alice is SO not going to accept this hideous new Disruption in her World...

Then after a couple of trys they got that exhilarating Grande feeling of Joie-de- Vivre!!

Run down the Ramp.
Run up the Ramp.

Fight over the Ramp.
Saunter up the Ramp.

Fling yourself Down the Ramp.

Well, you get the idea...
Did I mention they are TwerPs ?!?
Meen to their Mama.

And this is the end of "Porch Day One..."

Now- I is gonna go lay down and have a nap....

:Next Post- "Porch Day Two"


Sherri B. said...

We have been through the same thing..well not a porch, but every other project that was supposed to go smoothly, after all it is 'only' a floor or door or window frame that needs just a 'little' tweaking. It never, ever works that way.

At least the 'new kitty ramp' turned out! haha! xo

Victoria said...

B'ham, I feel your pain! And I've felt that way often. My 1920's cottage is a money pit. Hang in there! Kuchi and Alice are adorable, btw. I love Kuchi's word 'conflaperation!' Do you think she'd mind if I added it to my vocabulary?


Victoria from Brushstrokes

Kath said...


a word I have not heard since my school days :-D

You have my sympathy, every job we start on this house ends up WAY more complicated and expensive that first thought. Hope you're all done soon!