Jun 20, 2013

~Morning is Squawking & Churriping~

...yes Churriping is too a word !!!

Supposed to be in the mid to upper 70's today--- Yeah !!
With possability of rain showers this evening !! Droop...

But for right now all the birds out in the yards are Squawking, Trilling, Whistling, and there is one Little fellow that makes the noise like the Invading Aliens Remote Eye thingy in the original version of War of the Worlds (Gene Barry- loved him)--  a  Woobing Woobing  mechanical noise... Poor Birdy cracks me up everytime !!

Drug out my baby acrylic paint bottles and did some touchups...

These two flowers buckets have that raised metal decoration... so I painted them up in My colours !!

This Large Bucket had a Blue Daffodil on it...
I kid you not !!

So out came the Churchill Creme spray paint for a Nice Change...
And then I went thru a file folder of Floral printouts... Got my Mod-Podge and Va Va Voom !!

This is the "Beautiful Bouquet" clip-art from The Graphics Fairy I used..
Looks rather Grand If I Do Say So !!

Found these Moroccan type Lanterns on Amazon-  Have them Hung up now and all I need to do is---

--- Get those little battery operated fakey Candle thingys to put in them.

This one hangs right over my head... And they do look Sparkely when the Sun shines thru the Glass !!

Off to grab a Fresh cup of Nescafe'...

I do Hope we all have a Lovely day today !!



Linda said...

Love all your pretty things! Louis Dean wanted me to come over and THANK you for the kind comments on his pond! Enjoyed seeing what YOU are doing!

Kath said...

lovely lanterns. I have some but I have not heard of battery operated candles. Can you share where you get them from?