Dec 22, 2013


Since it is that time of the Year to Celebrate with your Family...
The Girls Decieded to Have on Approiate attire...
(I just Luv messing about with  PicMonkey)-

Jethro would like to know How She got A-Dopted into this wacky Family...

Kuchi would like you know she says 'Bahhh Hummm-birdy'

Did you realize that Alice is the Most Cutest Lil Elf ??!!??

Babylon wants Everyone to have a Very Thbpppthy Holiday !!

The Best Kittheh-Proof Christmas Tree I've ever had !!
Cute, but nothing to Shatter, Break, Crush, Knock Off, Bite, Electrocute...
Meen Ain't I ??
The Tree is NO fun At All !!

Wishing You All a Very Happy Christmas and a Blessed Yule-



Kath said...

Loved the "cats in hats"!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

So funny....I now have 10 barn cats and 3 house cats.....but only think I could get a hat on one of the goats!

Merry Christmas!

Konok Kausik said...

tnx for ypur wishes. nice cat
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