Sep 10, 2009

:::Kuchi is a Coochie:::

Kuchi... Third sister to Babylon and Alice...When she was just a lil' ball of fluffy soft, her Eyes were SO Blue !!!

I remember Years ago there was a beautiful child on the cover of "National Geographic". She had a veil or dupatta or scarf around her face and shoulders... This girls eyes were Mesmerizing... the Blue of deep waters, so enduring you could Fall into them and be made pure... Glittering and Gleaming..... I read that the Girl was from a Nomadic Tribe in Northern Afghanistan. Wandering across the land, always waking to a new Horizon. She was of the Kuchi Tribe...

So thats where this baby pooter got her name. Her eyes have matured into a deep shade of khaki green... Sloe eyed and just a bit of a skeptic is my Kuchi... She loves milkies.. especially out of my over-sized mug (yes it has a really wide mouth, They cant get their lil' heads stuck when drinking after Momma can they ?)...

She will lay across your arm and get her furs smoothed and whiskers tested. She likes to wash your fingers after you have thoroughly groomed her and "picked fleas" to her satisfaction. She will growl like a she-wolf if she doesn't want kissys.

Spoiled ? Oh Yes Ma'am !! To a certain stinky degree if I might say so... She Might answer to Houte', Koochay, Mommas lil hoochychoochie...

Or give you Her Thousand Mile Stare... She is watching something different and maybe faraway there are voices and sounds you can't hear... Smells and colors of a Distant place. I have to go answer the door, so please excuse me... Her most Gracious Majesty is ringing the bells hanging off the doorknob... And Must be let in Immediately !!!

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