Mar 1, 2011

The Lamb/Lion Believes In Snow ?

Rain ?
Now that is par for the Course around these here parts...
It Rains, mists, drips, thunders, puddles, deluges, spatters, and otherwise is just plain old wet. Mostly. And in the late Fall and Winter... It is just wet and Dark !!
And damp.
And dark.
So could you please me Mr. Weatherman tell me please WHY there was this all last week....
(I know... great photo of a snow topped wheelie bin...)

We had All this most divine fluffy soothing muffling white frozen essence lying (laying ? drifting ?) about...
Then the Sooper-Dooper Weatherman says "Do not Despair Oh Faithful Followers... It will All be melty and back to the same old same old...soggy and sodden. Just wait 'til this melts off and once again it will just be nice normal cold Monsoon...uh... rain this week...".

He lied.This was what the Girls and I woke up to this fine Morning... A slightly thick frozen opaque version of the Rain WeatherDude promised. (Ah-Hem... snow). And it IS the first Ide of March after all...Of course Kuchi just had to be let out to gaze while Mama snapped a few pics.
Schools shut once more. Neighbors going to slog into town asking if bread or milk or kittheh food is needed... Me gazing out thru the newly washed Kitchen window- being overcome with the desire to make Gingerbread immediately !! And I really don't even really care for gingerbread.
Christmas Carols sung in the snow yes... Sleigh bells ringing and all that- yes.
But 'I'm Dreaming of a White Easter ?'I don't think so !!


Kath said...

hello B'ham, I'm so pleased you joined us over at Hillside, I hope you will find something to interest you from time to time.
Your cats are just adorable, we had several of our own over the years, but have 2 dogs now as you know.
I shall enjoy visiting again soon, it was nice to meet your little family :-D
Blessings, Kath

Bee happy said...

Thanks for popping by my blog, really good to meet new people :) I am so fed up of the cold, damp, dark, wet weather. It's raining here this morning :(

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Sylvia said...

I've just found your blog and saw your cats, they are so cute !
Hope the weather will be better soon there !
Lovely wishes,

@nne said...

Looking forward to your next post! Love, @nne


Hiya! Lovely photos! Hope the snow has cleared by now. It is a grey foggy English morning here, the type of day that never wakes up! Will definitely call by again!

Polka said...