Mar 21, 2011

: New Loot At The House of Hodgepodge :

... Loot And Treasures And and Pretties... Oh My !!

Between eBay, etsy, and HH... well... I am never at a loss for Fortunate Finds. As a matter of record- I have been known to make unnecessary purchases at Yard Sales and Thrift stores simply because things looked "Lonely' to me.

Inanimate objects "Lonely" ?

Yep... When something has that patina that once it was just the Apple of someones eye... or even more distressing is that aura of usefulness gone south. Or that the once revered doo-dad has become feeble and inadequate and thus unwanted.

So... When HH was out and aboot a couple of weekends ago (She and hubby 37 went out to brunch) she was looking for a little plum to bring back for me.

This mightily brazen fabric caught her eye.
Oooohhhh... She thought... "So boisterous and intense !! Just like something Karen would buy for herself. AND there is over three yards in the bundle !! Must Buy...Must purchase Now !!"

So she did... She wants me to recover the chairs on the patio with it.

And because it is 60" wide- there will apparently be enough left over to make a small tent to put guests up in this Spring !!

It is lovely... mebbee just a wee bit 'Retro' rather than 'Vintage'... But what the hey ?!? I am positive there can be found a pattern that will be a companion to- So that a few odd Pillows can be made
to bring out its Best !

Now this pretty Sparkler is from eBay. It was listed as a 'Bijoux Terner' sequined clutch. My mind always seems to be lurching about... so I looked at it in all of its Flickering Gaiety and thought---
Make-up bag !?!
Sometimes Even I find it exhausting to follow the Convolution of my thought processes. So here she is... I think Her name shall be 'Blanche'.

This is a dear print from my friend Gobnart. (I think it represents us. 40 years ago. Even cuter than we Actually were. And both sets of our parent lived at the Shore. I think. I Hope !)Of course there was a teensy bit of altering accomplished. Added the ribbon that matched the matte' to hang it from. Used colored pencils to softly define their Summer Frocks and Sand-pails. Used a delicate swirly pattern on the matte' to give a smidge of definition...
La' Voila' !!
Gobnart saw it the last evening she was over.. Wasn't sure it was the very print she had given me. She liked the slight modifications.
All-righty Then !!

So while all my Ribbons and Fripperies were untangled and dusted off... added a wider length of Carmine ribbon to brighten up my Larkspur fairy Laddie. He was saved from a decades old calender. And now he resides above my printer.. to look cheery and whimsical... All at the same time !Now... what better way to end this post on a Bright and Whiskery note...
Yep !! The Compulsory Kittheh photo !!xoxo


Purrfect Haven said...

we know just what you mena about objects having the capacity to be lonely. Mrs H 'saves' things a lot, she even does the reverse of all good advice and buys ill plants from the local Nursery (and definitely from Woolworths when it was still going). We loved what you did in your post - beautiful. Love Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx

Bee happy said...

I love, love, love the sparkly bag!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Jem said...

Your sparkly frame bag is fantastic! I love any purse/bag with a frame - something about them isn't there?!

Jem xXx