Apr 20, 2012

~ Levon Helm ~ R.I.P.

A man of Amazing Talent and Grace...

Levon Helm
May 26, 1940 – April 19, 2012


Sherri B. said...

I didn't know much about him, (you are probably gasping right now) but I am hearing of his vast talent. Thanks for sharing the ringtone link, very interesting. I wonder how many of his fans will be using this one. - Have a great weekend, friend! xo

Hippywitch said...

Well I admit I'd never heard of him and now I want to know how I never came across such fabulousness before! We never hear country, blues or any of the actually good music here in the UK unless you do a lot of digging and I do dig!
Love country and blues :-)

Thanks for following me, you have an interesting blog and I'm following you back.
Lori x