Mar 29, 2012

Pretties In The Mail...

Can we all say- S.Q.U.E.E. ?

Awhile ago I won a Giveaway that Trish from The Old Post Road was having. She was celebrating her 100th sale at her Etsy Shop.

Yipee !!
Honestly... this is The Very First Thing I have ever won online !!

My package arrived last week...

Alice had to be snooper-vising closely of course...

So exciting... Even tho I knew from Trishs blog photos and descriptions what my parcel contained, it is Always such a Thrill to have the contents in your Very own Hot & Grubby little hands isn't it ?

Ah... Spring Lovelinesses.

My beautiful Yellow Bird (done in watercolours)...

A Fantablous Banner Trish sewed/crafted with her own hands !!






All Together NOW---

"Happy Birthday"

Sigh... Now don't tell anyone... but my birthday comes only once a year ? Shhh...
But, I am going to get it hung across my big Bookcase...
And Leave It Up As Long As I Want To !!

The Almost Bestest for Last...
Because there are Five- 5- of Them... (And Envelopes !!)

Note Cards made from Trish's artwork !!!

So Bright and Clean and Sunny and Enthusiastic...


The colours are just Popping !!

Thank You Thank You Thank You Trish !!!
And Congratulations on the Success of your Etsy shop !!


After all was examined and sighed over and making a shopping list for Frames and mattes so I can get my Lovelies up on the wall...
My Dear Neighbor Shirley dropped by. She and her 9 year old great-niece had been mixing and baking and icing and sprinkling thus I was the Lucky Taste Tester of their combined Oven efforts...
(Sorry, no pics of the sugar cookies- but Goodness they were tasty.)

I got to sit down and have a handmade custom cupcake !! With Springy Sprinkles !!
(It didn't last very long either !!)

Life is Certainly Good Some Days isn't it ?



Sherri B. said...

Congratulations on such a lovely fun is that Birthday banner! Enjoy! xo

Victoria said...

Wow, what gorgeous treats you won! Congratulations!



Kath said...

Happy belated birthday! I do think Alice is a beautiful cat.

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Thanks for the nice post, Karen! Sorry it took me so long to ship to you! So glad you enjoyed my giveaway!